4 Good Habits to Fight Against Aging

Like it or not, our cells are aging every day. However, accelerating or slowing down this process is completely in your hands.

Surely, you've also read hundreds of tips to keep a fresh and young skin but are you sure to respect the basic principles? Together with Zenboté discover 4 good habits to preserve a healthy, and youthful skin.


Always remove makeup: No matter how tired you are, remove the makeup before going to bed. You don’t want your dead cells deeply stuck in your skin and get pimples right?

 Choose a gentle and soothing makeup removal:  Facial skin is the most sensitive part of the body, do not use strong hand movements to remove makeup. It will only make the wrinkles deeper.

Do not squeeze acne: Allow the spots to settle, then they will heal themselves. Unless the acne has a white head and you have enough sterile equipment, otherwise you just make the bacteria and dirt penetrate deeper into the skin.

Don't forget the serum, lotion and sunscreen: Your skin needs to be nourished and protected from UVs. Make sure you provide enough nutrients, antioxidants and careful shielding from UVs!


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