The difference between the two areas reveals interesting things in people’s daily lives. Have you ever wondered, for the same age, the same skin type, how women from each area apply their skin care? Which treatments they use? What types of products are used to improve their skin health according their area?

A one day skin care

First, let’s explore the 24h-routine skin care steps of Asian and European women:







foaming cleanser

Foaming cleanser


- Toner (balance and moisturize)

- Softener (non alcoholic gentle moisturizer)

- Essence (liquid milk (lotion) or emulsion)

- Serum (nourishing essence concentrates on active ingredients)

- Lotion (moisturizer)


- Astringent toner (water balance contains alcohol, astringent pores)

- Acid toner (Oil control, moisturizing)


- Essence

- Ampoule (Concentrates, usually in small vials, only need to use 1 or 2 drops, penetrates deeply into the pores)

- Serum


- Emulsion (Lotion form hydrates the skin)

-  penetrates quickly, can replace the primer before makeup)

- Lotion or cream

- specialized sunscreen 

- Lotion or cream

- Facial oil (skin conditioner)

- moisturizing cosmetics or makeup containing SPF ingredients. Use of specific sunscreen when exposed to prolonged sunlight.



- remove makeup with oil

- foaming cleanser

- Micellar makeup removal (oil crystals) or classic makeup removal

- eye makeup removal product

- foaming cleanser


- Toner, moisturizer

- Softener

- Essence

- Serum

- Lotion

options between:

- Astringent toner

- Acid toner


- Mask paper

- Essence

- Ampoule

- Serum


- Emulsion

- Lotion or cream

- night mask

- Lotion or cream

- skin care oil



From these statistics, we can observe that Asian routine is extremely complex: it is a process with many steps and the use of a variety of cosmetics.

 Briefly, European women seem “pretty” when the cosmetic list only has a few, balanced, simple creams with sun protection.

Popular cosmetics in each area:

Given the geographical and climatic differences, the cosmetics market in the East and the West also is developing in different directions.

- In Eastern areas

With the hot and humid tropical climate plus the desire to have spotless white skin, Asia is a  paradise of sunscreen, whitening cream and acne cream. The properties of Asian products are very gentle on the skin, and do not clog pores.

The new moisturizing product lines are also particularly developed in the East. Famous products include natural masks, paper masks, night masks. These products often contain a lot of water (not oil like in the West), which helps smooth and plump the skin gently and quickly.

Acne products are especially diverse in Asia, for all skin types, acne types, and ages. They are also less likely to cause skin dryness than Western products, although they may not be as effective.

- In the West:

Natural skin cleansing products, with a natural gel texture, have a better pH balance than the asian foam cleanser.

If the Asian mask serves primarily for water supply purposes, the Western mask is well-known for its clay and mud materials, effective deep cleansing and enhancing skin resistance.


If your skin is very dry, then Western brands are a wise choice for quality moisturizing products. With smooth texture and concentrated moisturizing ingredients, these creams can heal cracked flakes, keeping your skin smooth throughout the winter cold.

Similarly, the oil and essential oil products in the West also have a reputation throughout the world because they have been studied and prepared by manufacturers for thousands of years.

And of course, it is impossible not to mention the emerging organic products as a phenomenon in the West, with purity, safety, benign and effective skin.


Beauty and skin care is a long-term war, requiring you to be a wise warrior. In this battle, organic cosmetics emerged as a powerful weapon. The West has the strength available in the use of natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, essential oils, clay …. It also has extensive experience in preparing winter skincare products, along with world-leading advanced technology in the research and development of new summer formulas appropriate for the skin. That will help you believe in a new form of beauty, safer, more effective, with organic cosmetics.


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