Travelling: Which skin care do I take?

Short-term business trips - seemingly lightweight luggage - sometimes make it difficult for girls who like sophisticated skin care. The small suitcase just barely a few sets of clothes, how to bring all the skincare all over her bottle? A few tips to help you

  1. Choose between makeup remover milk and cleanser

Cleansing milk and facial cleanser all have an oil component to remove dirt and sebum from the skin surface. If you are a person who uses makeup or sunscreen, take it off of your suitcase! If not, don't forget to bring your daily cleanser with you.


  1. Don't forget the Toner at home!

Even if you have to reserve one more place, don't forget the Toner bottle. Toner and cleanser are two steps of cleaning process. Your skin will not be properly cleaned, enough steps without a Toner. Toner helps your skin return to its original, balanced state, and sometimes you just need to go to Toner to get ready for a new day!



  1. Serum and cream, will you choose?

If it's just a short trip, prioritize the cream. The skin also needs certain rest days, with maximum ventilation. For a long trip, a moisturizer that provides basic nutrition will keep your skin in a good state.



  1. Masks, exfoliation… stay at home!

While traveling between climates or changing living habits, be careful not to bring with you too many skin care procedures. Let your skin gradually adapt to the new rhythm. A tired skin after a long distance can completely irritate even the usual mask still in use. So, masks, exfoliation and other intensive care steps, please stay home for a few days!


Small suggestions for those who like to move: Zenboté has just launched MAVO 4 in 1 Multi-purpose Makeup Remover. This is a product that can simultaneously replace a lot of functions at the same time:


- Remove makeup with a mixture of coconut oil and avocado oil - Wash off the dust, excess lubricant on the skin - Intensive nourishing mask thanks to nutrient-rich ingredients from vegetable oil - Night cream



Thanks to a unique ingredient with coconut oil, avocado oil, aloe juice, Shea butter, Mavo will be a very effective companion for 2-3 day trips. You only need a small bottle of Mavo without carrying four or four different kinds of things. Ready to go!

- Zenboté - 


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