the reasons why organic cosmetics aren't cheap

Have you ever wondered why ORGANIC cosmetics can't be as cheap as regular ordinary cosmetics? Certainly there is a reason, let Zenboté find out why organic cosmetics cannot be cheap.

The most difference between organic cosmetics and common cosmetics is the COMPOSITION.

If common cosmetics are composed of water, mineral oil, synthetic chemicals, colorings and synthetic smells - then - organic cosmetics are made from non-toxic natural ingredients : water distilled flowers, oil / butter / vegetable wax, essential oils to create smells, colours .... Each ingredient has a valuable beauty, nutritional richness, and well-mannered extract. Hence, the productivity is lower.


The organic farming industry is obliged to adhere to strict principles, not allowing any chemical fertilizers, genetic modification, growth stimulants or chemical pesticides. Therefore, the material plants will grow at a slower rate, produce less and be directly affected by the abnormal changes of the climate. For this reason alone, it makes the material that makes organic cosmetics more expensive than other conventional products.


Compared to natural products, people accept extracts such as using steam, extracting with chemical solvents, for organic cosmetics, you can only cold press or use methods heating to preserve the "integrity" of the raw material tree - this is also a method with lower efficiency but that brings a much better product quality, and obviously, is much more expensive.

Secondly, the process of producing organic cosmetics is also very strict, from planting, harvesting to transporting, preserving, modulating, packaging and selling. All must ensure the purity, natural, safety of raw materials and products, and the production process must not pollute the environment. Operating costs for GMP-compliant manufacturing plants, as well as the cost of certified organic products by reputable international organizations, are also one of the reasons for higher production costs.

However, with our knowledge, we will be happy to pay a little higher price for safe and quality products. Moreover, because it contains many precious and concentrated ingredients, the amount of product to be used is only 1 / 2-2 / 3 compared to regular cosmetics. Therefore, it is unlikely that organic cosmetics will be more expensive than conventional cosmetics, if comparing the same level.

One more thing, organic cosmetics business has its own moral principles. Producers place quality issues on marketability and to make organic products more accessible to consumers, organic producers often reduce advertising and packaging costs. Meanwhile, many common cosmetics sell at exorbitant prices thanks to the manufacturer's "name". Consumers do not know that 90% of the money they spend to pay for expensive advertising costs to keep that name and to convince users to choose their products, not for product quality.

So, you will choose a product that is pure, safe for your skin, join hands to protect the environment by being small but very own - or - a product with many chemical components and industrial products Is it still harmful to the environment? The choice belongs to you.

- Zenboté - 



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