Asian women have always been highly valued all over the world with a clear, gentle, non-fiery beauty but still attractive. Like women on every continent, Asian women aim to be youthful, feminine and enduring with time. In this day and age, beautiful standards of women cannot be lack of confidence, but mastery and enjoyment of their own lives.

Ideal model of Asian female appearance: White skin, innocent face!


While American women like hot and sexy bodies, Asian women love natural, innocent, spotless, a little mysterious and traditional beauty.

One of the top criteria for assessing the beauty of Asians is the smooth, spotless white porcelain skin. Once upon a time, it represented class and nobility when only noble and wealthy) women did not have to work hard outside to get it. Today, owning white jade skin means spending a lot of time, effort and money to take care of oneself. That partly demonstrates the abundant financial capacity of modern women.

Characteristic beauty: the interference between tradition and modernity


Asia has always been considered as a land of mystery, of traditional, exemplary and sophisticated beauty. With a long history of male-dominated wars and regimes for centuries, Asian women often carry in themselves a bold, inward, humble and patient manner, always sacrificing for their family and their children.

Today, in modern society when feminism. the weak Asian faction actively breaks down all barriers of old thought to assert its own values. The modern image of a sensual and self-confident person is now the style women aim at.


The original beauty of traditional Asianity interferes with Western modernity creating a new face for Asian women. The typical Asian woman today looks towards a beautiful, energetic, sexy beauty with smooth, spotless skin. But hidden deep inside that person the elegant, gentle, loving and profound oriental features are still to be found. After all, the beauty of a a fresh appearance emanates from one’s bright inner beauty!



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