Maintening young skin is always a top concern for women. In order to have beautiful skin, in addition to massage and regular use of quality care products, herbal mist spray is one of the simple but effective ways in Western style. So what are the benefits of herb spray for your skin? What types of practices are there, and how to increase the effectiveness of this care? Let's find out with Zenboté!

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** Benefits of herb nebulizer **

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1. Clean skin

The steam helps open pores and loosen any dirt that accumulates, helping you cleanse the skin deeply. At the same time when the pores expand, blackheads will soften, making it easier to remove them.

2. Promote blood circulation under the skin

The combination of warm herbal steam and an increase in sweat dilates blood vessels, stimulating blood circulation under the skin. The amount of blood that provides oxygen to skin cells increases, making the skin bright and natural, full of vitality

3. Free bacteria and cells that cause acne.

Expanding pores contribute to the release of dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt and excess sebum that clog pores, causing acne.

Sauna helps release dirt, dead skin and sebum, returning healthy skin Photo source: DzeeShah – Pixabay

4. Moisturizes and nourishes skin

The steam from herbs moisturizes the skin naturally. Plant crystals that carry healing and nurturing capabilities are smashed and shot deep into the skin to maximize its use.

5. Helps skin absorb better care products

Steam increases the permeability of the skin, helping it to better absorb nutrients. This means you get more nutrients from skin care products if you apply them after spraying.

6. Promotes collagen and elastin

Increased blood flow during mist spray promotes natural skin regeneration and collagen & elastin production. This gives firmer, younger looking skin.

7. Bring a feeling of relaxation

The warmth of the water, the gentle scent of herbs and soft skin after mist spray bring "addictive" relaxation feeling !! 


** How to do it at home? **

1. Steam bath with a bowl or hot tub

- Clean face with cleanser and gentle exfoliating

- Add some herbs when the water starts to boil and stir

- Simmer 2-3 minutes to reduce heat, if using essential oils, after turning off the stove, add a few drops of essential oils!

- Tuck your hair neatly, grab a cotton towel or a large cotton towel to cover the head and bowl of water to begin to burst. Note that you must leave your face about 30 cm away from the bowl to avoid burning skin.

- Rinse for 5-10 minutes to expand the pores, then perform moisturizing steps

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 2. Cover your face with a warm towel containing herbal water

- Take a soft cotton towel soaked in the prepared hot herb water

- Clean face and neck with cleanser and exfoliation

- Take a towel and squeeze water, leave the towel warm and apply it to your face

- Adjust the towel so that the towel can cover your face and leave for 5 minutes


 3. Steam or mist spray with the machine

- At home, read the instructions for use of the device and follow the instructions

- At the spa, choose a high quality, proven and effective nebulizer

Suggestions to help your HOME sauna achieve high efficiency


1. The preparation you need:


  • Moisturizing: Drink water before you begin the process to provide moisture to the skin and body
  • Cleaning: Wash your face with a cleanser and an exfoliating product so your skin is completely clean, ready to receive valuable nutrients from the spray of herbs

Drink a glass of water before steaming to moisturize your skin

2. During steaming

• Close your eyes so your eyelids can enjoy the benefits of herbs. Relax your face and relax, you will feel relaxed.

• Listen to your skin and do what you feel most comfortable with. If necessary, adjust the distance with the heat source, the time and form of steaming to be reasonable.

3. After finishing mist spray:

Rinse with warm water and pat dry: Your skin will be extremely sensitive, so gently soak it and avoid rubbing it with a towel.

Use a facial moisturizer or serum: The effect of your moisturizer or serum will be enhanced after steaming, so use something nourishing. If you have younger skin, this is a great time to use anti-aging cream.

Facial massage: What better way to finish a relaxing facial sauna than a gentle facial massage? Use your finger to gently massage your forehead, cheeks and neck by swiping up. If you own an oily or sensitive skin, use a little more massage oil to increase the effect.

Zenboté hopes that after this article, you will not miss the herbal mist method in your skin care process, whether at home or in the spa. After mist spraying, don't forget to take advantage of the ingredients that nourish your skin from nature!







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