Safflower OIL: the secret weapon for dry skins

What do you use Vegetable oil for?

If your answer is "cooking" then you've missed one of the best secrets of vegetable oil. Most oils have therapeutic uses, some are good for hair problems, some are good for skin care.

So if you have a vegetable oil that can make you beautiful from head to toe without any side effects will adopt it?

Zenboté is referring to Safflower - Rum flower seed oil - one of the most superior oils in the beauty world!

Safflower oil - 4000 year old oil

Safflower - Hoa Rum - Carthamus tinctorius has a broad, branchy foliage and is harvested annually. The Egyptians 4,000 years ago knew how to plant, cold press and use Rum flower oil as a clothing dye thanks to the beautiful golden color of this flower.

There is little known, Safflower is often used as a substitute for Saffron - the famous expensive saffron is the same color and shape as Safflower.


Safflower oil - source of omega 6 fatty acids


Among vegetable oils, safflower is the highest linoleic acid, up to 75%. Linoleic acid is an unsaturated Omega 6 fatty acid, which is very important and valuable but the body cannot synthesize itself, can only be supplied from outside products.

Safflower oil in skin care

Lack of fatty acids in the omega 6 group caused damages: the skin cell wall becomes loose, and the skin appears dry and irritable. Thanks to the high levels of omega 6, the rum oil softens the corneous layers of the skin, even the roughest and roughest skin parts like elbows or knees, making the skin soft and radiant.

In addition, like other vegetable oils, safflower oil provides a protective layer on the skin surface, avoiding dehydration, making the skin look moister and smoother. However, unlike other oleic-rich oils that can clog pores, linoleic acid in safflower oil can combine with excess sebum on the skin, disabling dead cells and releasing pores. Therefore, rum oil often appears in skin cleansing products and lotions for acne oil.
Some people who have ever had psoriasis, red eczema have transmitted each other a special skin care secret: mixing safflower oil and geranium oil, applying on psoriasis. As a result, their eczema and psoriasis disappeared to 80% after only 2 months of use.

Safflower & Zenboté

Thanks to its extremely valuable properties, Safflower oil has been chosen by Zenboté as one of the main ingredients of Melibu Anti-Aging Gel. The special thing, Zenboté uses oil crystal technology, making rum oil easy to penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin to help regenerate, restore, regulate sebum and soothe the lesions effectively. At the same time, this technology also gives Melibu a thin, light, non-greasy texture, suits all skin types and especially suitable for tropical hot and humid climate.


As a product to support regeneration, recovery and anti-aging, Melibu with the perfect combination of lemon balm extract, burdock root, soybean oil and rum flower oil is an effective assistant.

 - Zenboté - 


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