how to use serum effectively?

Serum also known as Essence is a familiar skin care product, the use is also very simple. But do you know how to use the serum properly?

If the cream is a daily meal, providing nutrients to the skin, Serum is a functional food that helps skin treat a specific problem. Depending on the type of serum, there will be different optimal uses.

Some types of serum / essences can be used at any time of the day, others require only evening use. There are types that require 2-3 minutes of massage or use in combination with the machine to allow the serum to penetrate deeply into the skin, but there is also a type that can only be applied quickly and naturally dried.

For anti-aging Serum, with the feature of blurring of pigmentation, wrinkles or Vitamin C, please refer to Zenboté using the most effective serum as follows:

  • Time to use serum

For serum types containing vitamin C like Zenboté's Pingin serum, you should only use it at night so that vitamin C works best.

Many guidelines suggest that Vitamin C can also be used in combination with sunscreen to increase efficiency. This is not wrong, however, if you want to focus on the anti-aging and glowing effects, vitamin C should only be used when there is no sunshine.

The evening time is also when your face has been cleaned, removing the burden of sunscreen or makeup. You are in the most balanced and relaxed state, the absorption of nutrients from serum / essence will Maximum efficiency - this is the most effective way to use serum.

Combine with facial massage


Especially necessary for Serum that contains many antioxidants and many nutrients, massage helps skin relax, and penetrates better than essence. Manual Massage is still considered the rudimentary method that is most effective thanks to the heat from the fingertips. Please note that focusing on the corners of the eyes, the corners of the lips decisively, in the direction from the bottom to the top and not going back, this will help the serum penetrate deep inside.

Only use serum on cleansed face skin


Obviously, clean, dry and clean skin not only helps serum to penetrate each cell effectively but also prevents pore-tightening, pimples and infections.

  • Do not skip the skin balance and cream

The skin in equilibrium always absorbs better the nutrients from the serum. If you have invested in a serum, do not skip the toner step. Finally, apply a layer of cream because this cream will form a special protective film, helping the serum not evaporate the skin wont dry and you wont have any uncomfortable feeling.

Respect the time gap between steps

Many girls said that because they were busy, the skin care steps were often shortened,. However, this inadvertently reduces the effectiveness of the nurturing steps in general and the serum in particular. Each product needs a certain amount of time to penetrate and shape your skin. Particularly for the serum, the proper use of the serum is even when it is dry, don't forget to give the skin another 2-3 minutes of relaxation before you apply it to the skin for another layer of conditioning.

 Every girl hopes to have a healthy skin. So, don't forget Zenboté's notes for you in how to use the Serum to be economical and efficient! Be persistent with these tips for at least 1 month, with the same product, you will see a significant change. 
Do you need a deep moisturizing serum and lighten skin for your rough skin and lack of water? Try Zenboté Canada's Polycrystalline Multipurpose Essence and apply the above usage! 
Pingin series - the best seller of Naturalness Ministry - is a unique blend of selective high-quality ingredients such as vitamins C, E, and F; glycogen. Ginseng and hyaluronic acid turn Pingin into a kind of multi-purpose medicine: efficient moisturizer, smooth skin, brightens complexion, blurs wrinkles. The plus: the subtle aroma of scot pines.




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